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Mystery Jones! The Radio Files

Oct 15, 2018

When an unlucky kid winds up murdered on the bus ride to school one morning, Mystery and Chrissy must weed through the lies of the other passengers to find out the killer. Or killers?


Justin Dodd as Scott Rocks as Detective Mystery Jones

Jessica Saul as Grenadine Ansprite as Investigator Chrissy

Isabella Werber as Dame Helen Mirren as Principal Commissioner and Suzie

Jude Flannelly as Marshall St Peters as Bus Driver Jerry, Damian, and other additional voices

Julian Hernandez as Little Tabitha Danielson as Mr. Meatball and Stupid Teddy

Chloe Lind as The Bird Lady We Found Outside the Studio as The Girl Who Cried Murder

And David Jones as Barnabus and Nathaniel Werther as The Narrator and the Ad Copy Guy respectively