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Mystery Jones! The Radio Files

Oct 29, 2018

While Chrissy investigates a mysterious message found scribbled next to a dead girl, Mystery takes a turn babysitting the class’s pet hermit crabs. Don’t worry, though. Zero hijinks ensue.


Justin Dodd as Scott Rocks as Detective Mystery Jones

Jessica Saul as Grenadine Ansprite as Investigator Chrissy

Isabella Werber as Dame Helen Mirren as Principal Commissioner

Jude Flannelly as Marshall St Peters as Pet Store Clerk Jeff and Mrs. Social Studies

Julian Hernandez as Tabitha Danielson as Mr. Meatball and Officer Peabody

Chloe Lind as The Bird Lady as Miss Daisy

David Jones plays both Nathaniel and Barnabus Werther, reading as The Narrator and The Ad Copy Guy.